Diet World is the clinic that will guide and support you on your path to look good and feel great:

  • You will have more energy as a result of your weight loss
  • Your self image will receive a boost from your diet success
  • Diet World, the Fresno diet clinic wants to help you with lifelong wellness
  • Our plans are affordable and customized to your needs
  • Fresno weight loss programs are beneficial to your health and will help you live longer
  • Losing weight will improve your self image


Now is the time to shed those unwanted pounds! You can finally make your weight loss goals a reality!

  • Offering supervised medical weight loss with appetite suppressants, vitamin injections and various amino acid supplements unique to each patient.
  • Weigh in weekly and change your plan accordly to support you in your weightloss journey
  • Call and make an appointment today to schedule your new patient consultation that will help you form a diet plan and what supplements will help you achieve your goal.
  • Feel better and lose weight, one pound at a time!

How we've helped patients of our communities over the years

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Dr. Gregory Williams

Family medicine physician with 10 years of experience, and a passion for improving the overall health of all patients. Training in standard primary care, nutrition, and obesity medicine.

Special interests:

  •  Reducing preventable illnesses via healthy diet and exercise
  •  Utilizing safe and effective medications to safely lose weight
  •  Leveraging herbal supplements to boost metabolism
  •  Creating individualized plans to assist with maintaining a healthy weight
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